I bought the perfect domain for a quality assurance blog about four years ago. It’s called QualityAssurance.pro. I started the project but it failed. And it failed for the following reasons:

  1. Unclear concept;
  2. Inefficient article structure;
  3. It took me way more time to set up the WordPress theme to write a couple of articles.

For those four years I learned a lot and I recently launched Nedko.info (personal humorous blog in Bulgarian). This made me feel like the time to bring QualityAssurance.pro back to life is now!

My concept for it is very simple:

  1. Highly targeted content based on the following subject mainly:
    1. Software Quality Assurance;
    2. Development;
    3. System administration (mostly *unix based, but Windows will be on the list somehow :) );
    4. Practical tips and tricks, tools.
  2. Some fun and geeky projects;
  3. Brand new, very clean and simple design that makes reading as easy as possible;
  4. The fanciest logo the world would ever see!;
  5. “Article request form” that will gather ideas for new articles;
  6. NO commercials, no AdWords, no clickbait and etc (the people who know me they know that I hate that kind of stuff);
  7. Articles written in English only. That should make me improve my English (or at least I hope so!);
  8. All IT related posts from Nedko.info will be translated there so there will be no information loss;
  9. Nedko.info will remain my personal blog (in Bulgarian only);
  10. Changelog to keep you up with the platform improvements.

So stay tuned.